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The Cervini is Terminal Velocity’s second mold, a bomber 10 speed that is a great max distance hyzer flip disc for slower arm speeds or glidey turnover disc for those with higher arm speeds. 

This is our first time running Mica plastic, a blend of metal flake opaque plastic that has great grip and durability.

Flight Numbers: 10/6/-3/1

Customer Reviews

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Taylor Welborn
The Hyzer-Flip King!

I have been throwing the Cervini now for about two weeks and I am finally feeling confident in exactly what kind of disc it is. I have the Cervini in all of the available colors and I will speak on the differences (if any and the differences are not due to user error or user ability). I'm going to break the review down into several sections.

Feel: The Cervini feels amazing in MY HANDS, but I also think it will feel good in most others hands as well. I have let several friends try them out and the first thing they usually say is "I like the way this fits in my hand and the quality of the plastic". The Mica plastic is superior plastic with good tac and grip while being nice and solid but just gummy enough. The shimmer star/metal flake plastic type is extremely durable and keeps its true form even after multiple tree whacks. The rim feels more like a fairway driver rim than a highspeed driver rim honestly.

Flight: I am an MA1 (Advanced) player who has been playing for over a decade. From my experience the Cervini will be a go-to woods disc. I do believe the Cervini is true to its 10/6/-3/1 numbers. When I throw it smooth and flat with about 70% power I can expect a solid turnover with just the slightest flat landing. When the same is done on a 30 degree hyzer, this disc shines. It will flip up to flat with some right drift and just glide for days with a graceful and light fade. Large hyzers make the Cervini BOMB. The disc will flip up and just cruise while having a more stable finish. I would not always rely on the fade at the end flight though. All of these recs were for RHBH. I have forehanded the Cervini a good bit and I will say it will teach you true "touch" with your forehands. You can't really mash on it forehand and expect anything but a roller but a smooth controlled forehand and this disc can have some amazing flights. 

Conclusion: The Cervini is the ultimate beginner's first driver. A true beginner will get a solid flight with a reliable fade and will slowly grow into the disc and reach it's true hyzer-flip and turnover potential. For Advanced and Pro players this disc will do wonders in the woods and will help you shape whatever shot you want while improving the users form and touch. I will list the stabilities of the Cervinis I have thrown in order of most stable to least stable: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Gold. I will also say that some come completely board flat and those tend to be more stable while some have a slight dome but I wouldn't call them domey and these tend to be less stable. 

Terminal Velocity knocked it out of the park with the Cervini just like they did with the Ursus 10/10. Snag you a Cervini today and thank me later.