Friday Night Skins Mini

The Friday night Terminal Velocity mini is an event that allows players to not only compete for the best overall score, but also the best score on each hole. Players can choose to enter the standard mini format for $10. This format will be similar to most mini’s players are familiar with; with the winner being the player with the lowest score over 18 holes. Players will have the option to enter into a skins side bet also ($18 total, $1 per hole). For this option, we will group players into cards based on the format they signed up for (all players on a skins card will have paid into skins). 

Rules for Standard Mini Format:
• Players will complete 18 holes, with standard PDGA rules applying  
• The player with the lowest score after 18 holes will be the winner (2nd lowest is 2nd.. and so on). 
• Players will have the option to sign up for Open or Am, and compete with that field. 
• If possible, cards will be built based on the field players are playing (Example: Open players will play on open a card).
• Players will be paid out after completion of the event by all players. Payout is explained below.

Payout Format: 
Money put into the mini, will stay in the mini (100%) payout. 
• Open/Am payouts will be segregated. 
• Payout is totally dependent on the number of players. 
• For the standard mini, Open players receive cash, Am players will receive merch/gift cards. 
•For skins mini, both Open and Am players receive cash. 

Rules for Skins Mini Format:
Players who sign up for the Skins Mini Format will pay $18 before the event ($1 per hole).
• Cards will be created to place Skins players together.
• Players will complete the normal 18 holes of the course, each hole is worth 1 skin ($1 per Person on the card). 

• The player with the best score on a hole is awarded one skin  
• If there is a tie for the best score on a hole, the skin is pushed to the next hole (the next hole is now worth two skins). 
• If there is a push on the 18th hole, the players who were part of the push will continue onto hole one. This will continue until one player wins the hole. In this example -  If on hole one, there are three players that pushed on 18.. If two players birdie hole 1, and one player pars, the par player does not continue play to hole 2. 
• Cards are responsible for keeping track of their skins.
• Skins will be paid out after the round.