Terminal Velocity Mystery Box - 3 Discs

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If you are more interested in a fun surprise than picking your favorite molds and colors, let me pick for you. Terminal Velocity offers Mystery Boxes in three different sizes - 3 disc, 4 disc and 5 discs. These boxes will be built to your specifications, so please add what preferences you like (company, color, mold, disc slot, weight, shirt, hat). I will usually include a signature disc, and then two stock disc. These boxes will include no more than two signature discs, if both are signature discs, the third disc will be stock or base.   

*You can substitute accessories/shirts/hats for a disc, just let me know in the notes, along with your size.


For Example - 

- 3 Disc Mystery Box - 

Notes: I like the color orange, and max weight discs. I don’t care which manufacture but I like star plastic and am looking for an over stable mid range.


Example of Box Received - 

Orange Garrett Gurthie Emperor, S line DD3, C line MD4.


Customer Reviews

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Devon Mounteer
Terminal velocity mystery box

With my order I received 4 discs 2 weren’t terminal velocity one was a envy which is good since I putt with my envy often but the ursus and cervini were well worth the price

Brent Ginn
Love it!

The discs picked were absolutely great and will be used consistently. The shirt was cool too! Thanks!