Terminal Velocity MF C Line Pharaoh - 175g

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My personal favorite driver. This disc will help you throw new PR’s. 

The Pharaoh is the quintessential distance driver, built for a high speed release and maximum distance. The fade is not overpowering, making this a distance driver that will work wonders even for intermediate players. Throw the Pharaoh off the tee when you need to cover as much territory as possible. Rule your local disc golf course with the Pharaoh!


Flight Numbers - 13/6/-1/2


Customer Reviews

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Matt G
C-line MF Pharoah

Flies great still has turn and is a more overstable version of the S-line.

Kenny Jet
Reliable fade with sneaky distance

After asking what parts of my game needed work, Zach recommended I try the Pharoah. After a couple months, I find myself reaching for this disc more and more each round. I can just count on this disc to have a consistent flight every throw, whether FH or BH. BH - I trust it in a headwind to flip up with a solid fade at the end of flight. FH - it's just a bomber disc for me. Flips with a gentle turn, pushes straight, reliable fade at the end. FH or BH, optically, it does not seem like this disc flies far but it has great glide and will surprise.