Calcite Glow Ursus - 173g-175g

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Pre-Release Calcite Glow Ursus 

This is a very limited drop, with each disc numbered to commemorate the release. 

The Ursus is an overstable mid / approach disc that is made to fly straight and have a consistent overstable finish at the end of its flight. This disc has a thin profile and bead that will be comfortable for forehands and backhands. The Ursus is made to simplify that treacherous 150 to 300 foot approach- it’s torque resistant enough to not flip while not being ridiculously overstable at the same time.

Customer Reviews

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Calcite Glow Ursus

I am satisfied with the feel of the disc, and I enjoy the flight. I find it extremely useful in my home course. Unfortunately, the disc/foil combination that I received was a different color than what I selected on the site.

Get one

I don’t need any other approach disc or overstable mid. This thing is money. Pushes straight more than you would think, but it is always going to finish left. The calcite glow plastic is nice. Grippy and feel like this will best in to be a nice straight mid with good finish. Once that happens, I’ll throw a glass Ursus in the bag to be the OS compliment for sure. This disc kicked the Pyro out of my bag.. a disc I thought I loved.

antonio palma
Hell Yeah!

Added this to an order along with a Cervini just to try it out, long story short it made the bag after one throw. Pushes out much straighter and longer than you think it will and then finishes left reliably. Super dependable and easy to trust. Really digging this mold gonna try a glass Ursus next when they make more, hint hint.